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Fountain Moka Pot for 2 cups

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Fountain Moka Pot for 2 cups

 Moka pot for two cups

Your coffee will brew directly into the cups , ready for your moments together

Available in black or silver

For gas or electric, not for induction (for induction have a look at the other coffee makers on our online shop!)

Made in Italy


How to use a moka pot?

1.Use fresh cold water from the tap and fill the bottom part of the pot with water to just below the safety valve.

2.Replace the coffee holder into the base of the pot and fill with coffee (ground for moka!) using a spoon .

Don’t overly fill or compress the coffee as the water will struggle to penetrate it properly

3. screw the top of the pot onto the base nice and tightly.

4. Place the pot onto the stove. Heat it gently

How to clean the moka pot?

Do not put it in a dishwasher otherwise it will get a strange salt build up.

 The best way to clean is with some warm water as Italians do !


For further information write to or visit the FAQs!



  • Weight 500.00 G
  • Length 13.00 CM
  • Width 10.00
  • Height 17.00